TPSA Adviser – December 2016

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The second edition of the TPSA Adviser covers highlights of the upcoming 2017 Conference in San Diego, CA and the State Pesticide Disposal Database, developed and managed by TPSA.


TPSA 2017 Conference
February 7-9, San Diego, CA

Final Preparations Underway

The 17th annual TPSA conference will be held in San Diego,
February 7-9, 2017 at the beachfront Catamaran Resort. There will be over 20 sessions with speakers and moderators representing regulatory, academia and industry. More than 125 participants are expected.

Managing Public Perceptions with the Conflicting Science of Pesticides

The 2017 conference will feature two keynote speakers.

Dr. Allan Felsot, Washington State University Professor and Extension Specialist for  Entomology and Environmental Toxicology, will present:
This Is Not Your Father’s Pesticide: Perpetuation of Old Myths About Modern Pesticides Has “Jumped the Shark.”




Brian Leahy, attorney and Director of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation will focus on California Standards in his presentation.




Session Topics

The keynote speakers set the stage for session topics covered at the 2017 conference. Topics will focus on pertinent issues involving the pesticide industry. Twenty-four individual sessions are featured with topics addressing:

  • EPA changes to the Worker Protection Standards (WPS)
  • WPS application exclusion zones
  • Respirator selection and use
  • Drift management including droplet size management, 2,4-D and dicamba drift research results, temperature inversions, and discussion on dicamba use in 2016
  • Pesticide disposal including disposal steps, a State Pesticide Disposal Database update, managing rinsate, and discussion of a pesticide misuse/disposal case
  • Ag Plastics recycling including film and containers, and rinsing equipment
  • Cleaning intermediate bulk and mini-bulk containers
  • EPA’s final Certification and Training Rule for Pesticide Applicators

Off-Site Cruise of Mission Bay

Enjoy a cruise of the Mission Bay with refreshments and hors d’oeuvres aboard the William D. Evans a 12-ton paddlewheel at her stern, the 100-foot yacht features a stained glass skylight.

Please join us in San Diego!
View the 2017 Conference Program.
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Becoming a Member of TPSA

The TPSA Membership cycle is September 1 to August 31 with four categories:
Individual $75 – Organization $200 (up to 3 individuals) – Retired $35 – Student $25.
Members also receive reduced conference fees and have the opportunity to get involved in the administrative and policy functions of TPSA through committees and projects. New for 2017, only Members will have access to view Presentations made at the 2017 Conference.
For more information, visit:
To complete the membership application, visit:

State Pesticide Disposal Database – Resources for Handling Pesticide Waste

Unused pesticides that end up as pesticide waste stored on farm properties, warehouses and homes present a potential health hazard. Reducing incidents of inappropriate storage of pesticide waste has been a long term goal for TPSA. Working together with State governments, TPSA has compiled an easy-to-use interactive database of State Pesticide Disposal offices, managers and their contact information. The database is designed to promote a responsible manner for businesses and individuals to properly dispose of unusable pesticides.

The database lists a central resource for each state providing pesticide disposal information. When clicking on an individual state, a farmer, business owner or homeowner will find the website for the state, the person or persons in charge of the program within the state agricultural department and complete contact information including the program manager’s phone, email and mailing addresses.

Most states include additional information detailing:

  • collection frequency
  • product(s) collected
  • who is eligible to participate in state run programs

This stewardship step between State Government and business further enhances the efforts of responsible pesticide disposal and improved environmental quality.

For more information, visit:

Benefits of Participating in TPSA – Member Perspectives

Kevin Neal, Office of Indiana State Chemist, Pesticide Disposal Program Manager
“The TPSA State Pesticide Disposal Database is an excellent source of information for any entity looking to properly dispose of old, unregistered, or unwanted pesticides. So often those in the business of applying pesticides for hire, or using pesticides during the course of business, have no resource for disposal since most homeowner programs do not include pesticide applicators affiliated with golf courses, city/county governments, school districts and other businesses.”

Nancy Fitz, Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
“The TPSA State Pesticide Disposal Database is a great one-stop resource for pesticide users, retailers and distributors to get information about the pesticide disposal program in their state. It is especially useful for companies that operate in multiple states or for people who are gathering information on pesticide disposal accomplishments in a region or across the country. The TPSA website organizes the information in one place, which saves the work
of searching the web sites of each state for contact information.”


Jack Peterson, Associate Director, ESD, AZ Department of Agriculture
“The TPSA State Pesticide Disposal Database has provided our customers access to our unusable pesticide disposal program. It saves our department and our consumers significant time as they can now gain an understanding of our pesticide disposal program and know where to go with further questions. Before, people would just call in and start asking questions. It also allows me to see what is going on in other states and how their programs work. This provides us with direction looking for ways to improve our own state program.”


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