Antitrust & Fair Trade Statement

The following statement is read or acknowledged at the beginning of every TPSA Meeting:

While most activities among competitors in the same industry are both legal and beneficial to the industry, group activities of competitors are inherently suspect under the antitrust laws. Agreements or combinations between or among competitors need not be formal to raise questions under antitrust laws, but may include any kind of understanding, formal or informal, secretive or public, under which each of the parties can reasonably expect that another will follow a particular course of action.

Each individual is responsible to see that topics may give an appearance of an agreement that would violate the antitrust laws are not discussed at your meetings.  It is the responsibility of each individual in the first instance to avoid raising improper subjects for discussion.  This reminder has been prepared to assure that individuals in meetings are aware of this obligation.

Each party and every individual at every meeting related thereto should be thoroughly familiar with his/her responsibilities under the antitrust laws and should consult counsel in all cases involving specific situations, interpretations, or advise as per TPSA Policy 17.0 AntiTrust & Fair Trade Guidelines.