PESP / Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program


TPSA has been a member of EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) since April 2001. PESP is a voluntary program that forms partnerships with organizations to reduce the potential health and environmental risks and implement pollution prevention strategies.


In 2007, TPSA submitted a five-year strategy as required by PESP. TPSA’s five-year goal is to foster and facilitate communication among pesticide stakeholders regarding stewardship issues as they arise. The results of TSPA’s efforts in this strategy should be evident in TPSA members and others exhibiting better manufacture, distribution, regulation, and management of pesticides; improved education; and reduced risks resulting from pesticide misuse and poor management practices. The strategy included five specific goals:

Goal 1 – Information Exchange
Provide a forum for diverse groups of pesticide stewardship professionals to interact and communicate to improve pesticide stewardship and reduce risks from pesticides.

Goal 2 – International Pesticide Stewardship
Broaden the reach of stewardship activities and interactions thereby benefiting all by the sharing of experience and expertise.

Goal 3 – End of Life Cycle Issues
Promote awareness and provide information regarding pesticide end of life cycle issues, such as pesticide disposal and plastic pesticide container recycling, and the related topic of agricultural plastic recycling.

Goal 4 – Labeling as a Means of Pesticide Risk Reduction
Discuss and explore the issues surrounding the revision of pesticide label language to include improved stewardship information for all pesticide users. Examples include: clear instructions for pesticide product disposal and container management, spray drift reduction language, and endangered species protection language.

Goal 5 – Pesticide Distribution Risk Reduction
Create an effective pesticide distribution system that minimizes improperly certified or incompetent applicators using pesticides.

2008 End of Year Report

TPSA submitted the following report to EPA on the progress made during 2008 toward achieving the goals in the five-year strategy.