Pesticide Safety

New Drift Reduction

Airblast 101 – Dr. Jason Deveau & Tom Wolf – (need TPSA member to add a review)

Michigan State: Diane Brown

Purdue University Recommendations

2,4‐D and Dicamba Tolerant Crops: Some Facts to Consider ‐ pdf:‐453‐w.pdf

Options for Dealing with Pesticide Drift:‐110.pdf

BASF ‐ On Target Application Academy (link pending approval)‐target‐stewardship/index.html

Main page includes Dr. Bob Wolf/Wolf Consulting, Dr. Dennis Gardisser/WRK of Arkansas LLC (aerial application technology and insurance group), Dr. Scott Bretthauer/Extension Specialist Univ. of Illinois, and Dr. R. Mark Hanna/Iowa State Extension Engineer.