Agricultural Film


Cement Kiln Fuel: Potential, Reality and Constraints of Agricultural Plastic Film as a Fuel Alternative to CoalEmerging Technologies for Destruction of Obsolete Pesticides and Residues
PDF Icon Agricultural Film Management in Florida: A Case Study Review for a Sustainable Solution – Eugene B. Jones, CEO, Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX), Tallahassee, FL

PDF Icon Alternative Energy Sourcing in the Portland Cement Production Industry – Max Lee, Principal Engineer, Koogler and Associates, LLC

PDF Icon Using Waste Agricultural Plastics as Fuel in the Production of Cement in Guatemala: A Case Study – Keith Williamson, VP and General Manager, Guardian Agricultural Plastics

PDF Icon A New Look at an Old Technology: Cement Kilns and the Challenges Remaining for Destruction of Pesticide-Tainted Resins – Robert L. Denny II, Arrowchase, Inc. Environmental Project Management, Vilnius, Lithuania


Organizing and Implementing Agricultural Film Collection Programs
PDF Icon Collection and Processing of Waste Agricultural Film Mulch: A Case Study of a Pilot Program in Florida – Eugene B. Jones, Southern Waste Information eXchange    WATCH THE VIDEOS

PDF Icon The BigFoot Baler for Compacting Agricultural Plastics for Collection and Transport – Dennis Sutton, DLS Inc.    WATCH THE VIDEO

PDF Icon Genesis Poly: An Ag Film Collection Program Organized by a Plastics Recycler – John Schmitz, Genesis Poly, Maple Grove, MN

Plastics to Oil and Fuel: Emerging Technologies, Regulatory and Economic Issues
PDF Icon Agri-Plas to Crude: Progress, Trials and Tribulations in Commercializing this Technology to Convert Agricultural Plastic Waste to Plastic Resins – Mary Sue Gilliland, Vice President for Development, Agri-Plas, Kizer OR

PDF Icon Balcones Fuel Technology Plastic-derived Fuel – Randy Wolf, Vice President L&S Demolition Recycling and Business Development Manager-East, Balcones Fuel Technology, Conshohocken, PA

PDF Icon Plastofuel: Automating and Commercializing this WtE Process – Jim Garthe, Agricultural Engineer and Instructor, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

PDF Icon Review of Korean Pyrolysis Technology: Waste Plastics to Energy/Steam, Waste Tires to Fuel, and Waste Plastics to Fuel – Eugene Jones, Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX)


What Lessons Can We Learn From Other Stewardship Programs From Other Industries, e.g., Paint, Electronics, Carpet, and Pesticide Containers?
PDF Icon Heidi Sanborn, California Product Stewardship Council

PDF Icon Ron Perkins, ACRC

Product Standards Affect Recycle-ability, Usability, Environment, and Environmental Health. What Should be the Focus of Ag Film Standards? What Process Should be Followed?
PDF Icon Rob Denny, Arrowchase, Inc.

PDF Icon Scott Cedarquist, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers