Container Disposal for Developing Countries

Brochure: Do not reuse empty pesticide containers

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Risks associated with exposure to pesticides from un-rinsed or poorly rinsed containers are very real in many parts of the world.  Reports of illness associated with the reuse of pesticide containers confirm this unfortunate fact.  Inappropriate disposal of improperly rinsed pesticide containers can also lead to contamination of valuable resources including drinking water sources and ecosystems.  As a result, there is a need for pesticide safety programs in developing countries to educate users on the critical importance of triple rinsing and rendering pesticide containers unusable before disposal.  This process is compromised because in many parts of the world empty containers are often reused to transport and store food or water; with tragic consequences.

TPSA has developed three “basic” triple rinsing and pesticide container destruction brochures, English, French and Spanish.