NPSA Forms Partnership with NAHMMA

NPSA has recently entered into a partnership agreement with the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA). NAHMMA is professional membership-based organization of individuals, businesses, government officials and non-profit organizations dedicated to pollution prevention and reducing the hazardous constituents entering municipal waste streams from households, small businesses and other entities that may be exempt from local, regional or national regulations. NAHMMA promotes and encourages:

  • Product reformulation
  • Development and use of less or non-hazardous products, constituents, processes and methods
  • Collection of products and materials that contain hazardous components for reuse, recycling or hazardous waste management

NAHMMA members are involved in household hazardous waste programs, conditionally exempt small quantity generator programs, school lab clean-outs, drug lab cleanups, pharmaceutical waste disposal, and many other programs related to hazardous materials. As such, many members are also involved in or work closely with pesticide disposal and empty pesticide container recycling programs.

This partnership will provide NPSA members with a discounted registration fee for NPSA’s annual conference (and vice versa). In addition, it opens up a communication link between the two organizations to work more closely together on shared goals and interests. For more information on NAHMMA, go to