North Dakota Collects 75 Tons of Unwanted Pesticides!

Even though fewer dollars were available for unwanted pesticide collections in North Dakota this year, large amounts of chemicals still showed up at collection sites. Through July 2003, collections were held at nine sites and over 155,000 pounds of unwanted and unusable pesticides were brought in for disposal. Last year, sixteen sites collected nearly 191,000 pounds of chemicals. Of special interest is the fact that while a fewer number of residents and farmers used collection services this year , the per site average increased by nearly 5,000 pounds, clearly suggesting the continuing need for disposal opportunities into the future.

The program that makes possible these collections, Project Safe Send sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, had its funds cut in half by the Legislature in 2003. While no decision has been made on the 2004 collection program, alternative funding options are being explored. Project Safe Send is currently funded through fees paid by the pesticide product manufacturers. For further information on North Dakota’s collection program, contact Judy Carlson at 701-328-4997.